Looking to travel in style? With one of our electric skateboards you can! Built with great maneuverability our electric skateboards you can get a thrilling riding experience whilst getting from A to B quickly and efficiently. Our range of Koowheel electric skateboards are premium quality and come with a range of cool features. The Koowheel Kooboard can give you up to 20km range on a full charge and it only costs €0.01 to fully charge the board. It has an incredible top speed of 42kph which is more than enough to get around in time.

The Kooboard comes with chunky 97mm wheels that provide a crazy smooth ride. It also comes with built in LED lights so you can safely navigate the night. Not only are our electric skateboards practical but they are stylish too! You can easily change the wheel skins of the Kooboard in a matter of seconds. The Kooboard electric skateboard weighs in at just 7.7 kg so it can be easily picked up and brought on the bus or carried around with you when you do not wish to use it.

For safety it comes with a remote control that allows you to accelerate, brake as well as go forward or back and turn on the lights on your electric skateboard. It also has a built in smart chip that will avoid sudden acceleration and sudden braking so you can safely accelerate or brake without fear of coming off the board. Our electric skateboards are all CE certified and come with a UL certification which is a battery safety certification.

How do electric skateboards work?

All of our electric skateboards come with a remote control which is used to control the board. You can accelerate or brake by pulling the lever on the remote control. Turning is of course done the way you would on a normal skateboard by leaning your weight to either side.