Looking for some extra assistance on your cycle? If you want to be able to cycle long distances, up inclines or even mountain bike without feeling exhausted after then an electric bike is a great option. Our electric bikes will allow you to travel great distances with the assistance of a built in electric motor. These electric bikes come in many forms including electric mountain bikes, folding electric bikes and electric hybrid bikes. Electric bikes are great for those looking for extra mobility.

What are electric bikes (ebikes):

Electric bikes (also known as ebikes) are the very same as a standard pedal bike only they are pedal assisted by an Eco friendly electric motor. This offers more mobility for older or lesser fit riders than a traditional pedal bike. That is not to say however that they do not have many other uses. One of the most popular electric bike products are electric mountain bikes as the electric motor means that the rider can go a greater distance and tackle steep inclines that would normally be very tiring.

This is a great option if you are not up to task of cycling long distance or don’t have the stamina to go up steep inclines. Our electric bikes can tackle either of these obstacles and make your journey much easier by giving assistance from the electric motor and the great thing is you can choose just how much assistance you need by changing gears.

Whether it is a long commute to work or a steep incline on the way home our electric bikes will allow you to easily complete your journey. You still get all the benefits of riding a bike and being outdoors whilst making your cycle easier and more enjoyable. We have a fantastic range of electric bikes from folding electric bikes to electric mountain bikes. Another great option is using an electric bike conversion kit which means you can convert your existing bike into an electric bike. All you need is one of our ebike conversion kits and with some simple DIY you will be able to convert your existing push bike into an electric bike!

Electric bikes are the fastest growing products in the cycling industry and for good reason. They provide cycling assistance for all sorts of cyclists including the elderly who might not be able to steep inclines on a normal pedal bike and now with the help of an electric bike can enjoy their leisurely bike rides to the extreme mountain bikers who are looking to get that bit extra from their bike.

What are electric mountain bikes?

Electric mountain bikes are proving to be immensely popular as they can offer the rider a more enjoyable ride on their trails. The extra power from the on board motor means that those tough uphill trails are now super easy. You will now not be worn out by the steep uphill climbs meaning that yu can enjoy the views even more than before! Electric mountain bikes have strong frames, stronger wheels and are built for purpose.