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Why Electric Scooters?

  • Save a fortune on transport costs
  • No More Traffic
  • Costs just €.01 to fully charge your electric scooter
  • Cut down on your person carbon footprint massively
  • Takes traffic off of our busy roads
  • Fun way to travel

Why Us?

  • Large brands from all over the world
  • Free Shipping
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Save a fortune by commuting with an electric scooter for adults:

Did you know that is only costs €.01 per day to fully charge an electric scooter? Think of how much savings can be made by using an electric scooter when compared with the bus/luas/train fare or by putting fuel in your car over the course of a year! Not only will you be saving a fortune with an electric scooter but you will also not be sitting in traffic each day and instead having a fun way to commute to work or around town!

What are Electric Scooters?

So you have heard about the new adult electric scooter craze and you are wondering why are they so popular and why are you seeing them everywhere all of a sudden! Well you have come to the right place. We are Ireland’s only dedicated electric scooter specialist and we have a range of the best brands from all around the world. So what are electric scooters and why have they become so popular? Well we are glad we asked.

First things first, when we are talking
about electric scooters here we mean electric scooters for adults.
Although they have been around for kids for some time they were
designed as toys for yuor kids to have fun on where as the electric
scooter for adults that we are talking about are designed a personal
mode of transport to be used for such things as commuting to work,
getting around town and of course they are a very fun way to travel.

Electric scooters are the future and
they are here to stay. They are a legit form of transportation and
are relatively inexpensive (more affordable than most bikes in
fact!). So what are the benefits of electric scooters, what are they
capable of and why are the govenment for people to start using them?

What can electric scooters do?

An electric scooter is a 2 wheeled
vechicle propelled by an electric motor which can be charged from a
normal plug socket in your home. Their speed ranges from between 15km
– 30km per hour depending on the make and model of scooter you
choose. Most of the electric scooters we sell have a range of 20km –
30km again on a full battery charge. They come with a pair of
handlebars, built in lights, ABS brakes for safe stopping and they
even have a smart phone app so you can track important things like
your remaining battery level, distance traveled and speed.

Because they are able to go quite a distance and at a considerable speed they are perfect for getting around town or commuting to work. They are also incredibly light with most scooters including the popular Xiaomi M365 electric scooter weighing between 10 – 15kg and they can be folded up in a matter of seconds and taken on the bus, Luas or even put in the boot of your car. They come with built in lights for night time driving.

They have become extremely popular as
big brands such as Segway Ninebot and Xiaomi have released premium
quality electric scooters are very affordable prices.

What are the benefits of adult electric

Electric scooters for adults are super
affordable with our range starting at just €425.00 which is cheaper
than most bikes! Not only that but you will make huge savings over
the course of a year by using an electric scooter instead of paying
for public transport or putting fuel in your car. Some households
have even opted to get an electric scooter instead of a second car so
you can imagine the huge savings in this scenario.

Another benefit of the scooters is that the more people that use them the less traffic congestion in our towns and cities. This is why the government are so keen to get people riding electric scooters as it will take a lot of pressure off of the road network.

Another great benefit is that they are much more Eco friendly than a car or using public transport. As they run on electric motors they do not produce any emissions and they can be easily charged from your home.

What buy from us?

  • We are Ireland’s only dedicated electric scooter store
  • We have the best prices in Ireland (and abroad for that matter!)
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